Our Classes

At Trinity Taekwon-Do, we want to offer the widest selection of classes to the widest ranges of ages. Our classes are offered to students as young as four years old, and as old as one’s health will allow.

These classes are meant not only to be challenging but also fun as they build up one’s bodily fitness and emotional confidence.

See below for a description of the classes offered at Trinity Taekwon-Do.

Li’l Kickers Class – Ages 4-7

The Li’l Kickers Class is a proven system designed specially for the youngest of Taekwon-Do practitioners. The nine modules of this program are designed for your child to gain the basic skills of Taekwon-Do in a fun, action packed program. The Li’l Kicker’s specially designed ranking system is aimed at maintaining your child’s interest in Taekwon-Do and allows your child to continually feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Taking about 1 year to complete, the Li’l Kickers class allows your child to progress at their own speed and begins to lay the foundation for their eventual transition into the Children’s Beginner Class. The classes are split by age with KICKER 1 for children aged 4 and 5 year and KICKER 2 for those aged 6 and 7.

Beginner Class – White Belt to Green Stripe

The Beginner Class encompasses those who are brand new to Taekwon-Do as well as those who are in the early stages of the belt system. The Beginner Class allows participants the opportunity to learn and develop their skills at their own rate. Classes contain elements of physical fitness, stretching, self-defense, and various Taekwon-Do specific skills. This program is ideal for a wide range of people, especially those who are looking for some guided physical activity. From those who enjoy athletic competition to those who just want to learn something new and exciting, this class is what you’re looking for.

Advanced Class – Green Belt to Black Stripe

The Advanced Class is for mature students and those who are experienced Taekwon-Do practitioners. Students must know and understand the basics of Taekwon-Do and be willing to take training to a whole new level. This class offers vigorous physical activity, coupled with in-depth teaching about Taekwon-Do’s various skills and applications.

Adult Color Belt Class

Trinity is home to many adult students of all belt levels. The adult class focuses on the specific needs of the students, whether it is general fitness/conditioning, self-defence, competition or just trying out a new sport! We have adults of all ages and abilities in this class and it is a fun class to be a part of. In order to provide these mature students with an added challenge and some advanced teaching, the adult class is occasionally combined with the black belt class. This is a unique combination that works great within our club and the black belts are eager to help the adult color belts succeed.

Black Belt Class

The Black Belt Class is designed to accommodate only those who have attained black belt status. Many say that black belt is where the journey really begins; where skills and training take on new meaning. Students are expected to take their training very seriously while maintaining a safe and respectful atmosphere. Students in the Black Belt Class set the example for the next generation and are role models for the younger students. Black belts learn the skills required of them to become assistant instructors and many are already filling these roles at Trinity.

Women’s Fitness Class

We are not currently offering any fitness classes. Please inquire through the Contact Us page if you’d like more information on the future of this program.