Trinity Taekwon-Do

Trinity Taekwon-Do

Trinity Taekwon-Do was founded in August 2004 by Cameron Macdonald, owner and head instructor. Trinity Taekwon-Do’s membership continues to rise and students from Trinity Taekwon-Do have competed and won medals in local, provincial, regional, national and international tournaments. Trinity Taekwon-Do is an organization that is committed to its customers. We seek to instill confidence within our clients and promote an environment that is both friendly and accommodating to our customer’s needs. We hope to assist our customers in developing a healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

Trinity Taekwon-Do is proud to be a registered non-profit society.

The Mission of Trinity Taekwon-Do

Trinity Taekwon-Do’s mission statement is: “Striving to achieve the maximum develoment of mind, body and person.” This means that Trinity Taekwon-Do’s mission is threefold. First, we hope train our clients physically. Physical fitness is a top priority and we provide this through both conditioning and strength training exercises. Secondly, we strive to train our clients mentally. This involves discipline and commitment as we try to instill a positive mindset in all of our students. A positive outlook will produce positive results. Thirdly, we hope to improve our client’s self-worth. We hope that helping people feel more confident in themselves will have a lasting effect on others, making this world a better place.

The Vision of Trinity Taekwon-Do

Our vision is “to create a challenging, disciplined, safe and fun place to learn the sport and mastery of martial arts while inspiring people to live life to its fullest.”

Trinity Taekwon-Do: Core Values

  • Respect and honour self and others
  • Show integrity in all we do
  • Demonstrate self-control in all situations
  • Promote healthy and fulfilling lifestyles

Some advantages of Taekwon-Do training include:

  • Fitness & Weight loss
  • Confidence
  • Self-defense
  • Tournament Competition
  • Flexibility
  • Self-discipline
  • New friends

About Taekwon-Do

    Taekwon-Do literally translated means:

  • Tae: Jumping or flying, to kick or smash with foot.
  • Kwon: Denotes the fist, chiefly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist.
  • Do: The art or way.

Taekwon-Do: Kicking

Taekwon-do to put it simply, is a version of unarmed combat designed for the purpose of self-defense.

However, it is much more than just that. It is the scientific use of the body in the method of self-defense; a body that has gained the ultimate use of its facilities through intensive physical and mental training.

Taekwon-do enables the weak to posses a fine weapon, together with a confidence to defend him/herself successfully against an aggressor. If wrongfully applied, taekwon-do can be a lethal weapon; therefore mental training must always be stressed to prevent the student from misusing it.

There are many different elements to taekwon-do training. Some of these include patterns, self-defense, pad and target kicking, board breaking and sparring. Taekwon-do is also an excellent activity for cardiovascular workouts and strength training.

Taekwon-do continues to be one of the fastest growing martial arts today with taekwon-do schools operating in almost every country in the world.

    Tenets of Taekwon-Do:

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Indomitable Spirit
    Oaths of Taekwon-Do:

  • I shall observe the tenets of taekwon-do.
  • I shall respect the instructor and seniors.
  • I shall never misuse taekwon-do.
  • I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.
  • I shall build a more peaceful world.